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Are you an over-exfoliation offender?

Posted on August 08 2016


When I think back to my younger days when I had problematic skin, I now realise that I was over exfoliating thinking it would vanish my pimples by scrubbing them away. Having pimples and underlying lumps on my skin felt dirty and in turn I wanted to over clean it. 



As my skin care journey has progressed I have seen first hand how common it is for people over scrub or exfoliate their skin. We all want that 'CLEAN' feeling but when your skin is over-scrubbed, your oil production can actually speed up.

Over scrubbing can put our skin’s natural repair system into overdrive and excess oil build up can happen. This can lead to irritated, red, angry, dry and problematic skin concerns.

When people ask me what I suggest for their problematic skin, the first thing I ask is how often do you exfoliate? The answer usually is...... EVERY DAY.

From there I say, stop being an over-exfoliation offender ;). I then suggest only using their exfoliate once a week. More often than not they will come back to me after a couple of weeks and their skin concerns are minimized dramatically.

I think sometimes we can have too many steps in our skin regime and we end up giving our delicate skin a hard time (and we can all be guilty of this!!). Let's treat our skin with a light touch, loving care and high quality organic skin care products such as ....Drum Roll Please.........  Land of Lilly Skin Care. (Of course, it would be a little weird if I suggested some other random brand).

I'm excited to say we will be relaunching a NEW and IMPROVED Volcanic Rock Exfoliate with Jojoba beads very soon... Watch this space and don't forget...... Don't be an over-exfoliation offender ;)

Love Nicki xx








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