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What your skin does when changing your skincare brand.

Posted on July 19 2016

Hello, Nicki here :)

I get asked a lot what will happen to my skin if I switch skin care brands, so I have decided to write about the process and challenge YOU to try our skin care range for 30 days for only $30.00.

Q:  If I switch to Land Of Lilly Products, how long is it before I know the product will work and if it is suited for my skin? Is there an adjustment period?

Most people experience an immediate and positive change to their skin when they switch to Land of Lilly. Their skin feels softer, lighter and more supple; and clients also report seeing immediate reductions in blackheads and pimples.

If you are using a skincare product that contains synthetic chemicals, fragrances or similar the skin can harbor the chemicals/toxins and start to build up in your system.  Many popular skincare brands and products are full of, silicone's and have few to none natural active ingredients. 

Once you switch to a natural skincare line such as Land of Lilly, there may be a period of transition, where the skin can go through a detox. In some people, localized breakouts may occur but are likely to diminish after 5-7 days. However, depending on the severity of the toxins in your skin, this could take up to 30 days.  If breakouts continue after this time, please contact Nicki to discuss you skin regime.

This occurs because natural ingredients encourage the purging of toxins that have been building up in your skin from your former synthetic skin care products.  Our skin absorbs A LOT of what we apply on it.  This can create a build up of toxic residue that needs to be cleaned out of the skin.

You may feel a change straight away in skin softness or texture after changing to Land of Lilly products but the epidermis, (the top layer of skin) takes 28 – 30 days to renew itself, so that’s usually the amount of time you’ll need to wait to see a real result.

Don’t confuse the localised breakouts with a true reaction to the products. A few localized breakouts is the sign of the skin getting rid of impurities, cell build up or toxins, and should resolve themselves with continued use of the natural product. However, if you try any of our products and see redness, itching or swelling, then you are having a reaction and should discontinue using the product.

I know it can be a big thing for people to change their skincare brand so I decided to create a special offer of a $30 Land of Lilly Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise 30ml pack, so anyone can and feel the difference of natural and organic ingredients. You can order the pack here:




If you have any further questions, I am always available to speak to you about our range. You can email me at or call 0411 020 733.  The process of changing your skincare products to natural can feel long and drawn out before you start seeing results, but allow your skin to go through the process as it can be well worth it. I had to go through the process and I’m glad I did. 

Nicki xx


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